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Our college is affiliate d to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University. The college library is well equipped with Text books, Reference Books, Journals, Periodicals and reading materials for competitive examinations to help students in all walks of life.

We take special efforts to develop the habit of purposeful reading and systematic reading among college students by obtain counselling services from the college teachers. Our research centre of Public Administration is well equipped with reading materials for research students.

We have systematically developed reference section of library to meet the needs of college student and teachers. The members of the PG Dep. of Sanskrit have systematically developed their departmental library by purchasing the old books and reference books for those people who are interested in Indian Philosophy, Indian Culture and Indian Civilization. The post graduation section of science faculty is well equipped with reference books and Journal to meet the needs of college students, research students and college teachers.

Total area of our library is 3000 sq. Ft.

Library Facilities

  1. Book Bank Scheme started 1975-1976.
  2. Reading Room Facility available from 7.30 to 5.30 (10 Hour).
  3. Reference Service.
  4. Library facilities to research Scholars of Public Administration, Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology, Environmental Science.
  5. Internet Facility to Student and teachers.
  6. Reprographic Service There is one machine to making photocopies of Educational materials.
  7. Physics Research Lab.
Sr NoParticularsBooks
1Senior College43868
2Junior College13300
3Book Bank Scheme15641
5News Papers13

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Shekapure P.GB.A LABRARY ASSISTANT9960164161
D.R Totewad D.R Totewad M.A LTCLABRARY
Gawli N.GGawli N.G10 th LABRARY
Mr. S.B. SatalwadH.S.CLABRARY
Mrs. A.S. GhotaleMrs. A.S. Ghotale4th

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