Department of zoology & Environmental

About Department

 a) Year of establishment – Zoology

 b) Year of establishment  –                                 

      Environmental Science  

a) 1972

b) 1983

Year of recognized research centre 2004
Year of starting of self financing M.Sc. Environmental Science course : 1992
Courses at UG level: Zoology & Environmental Science
Specialization at U.G. level : Environmental Biology
Specialization at  P.G. level Environmental Biology
Approved Research Guide


Ph.D. Awarded 08
Scholars registered  for Ph.D. 04

Head of Department

Name                       :- Dr. M.Y. Kulkarni

Qualification            :- M.Sc., Ph.D

Designation            :- Head & Assistant Professor in Zoolog

Contact                   :- 7588526968

Email ID                :-

Name Name QualificationDesignationContact Email Id

Dr. S.V. Shivanikar
M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.DPrincipal & Associate Professor in Environmental Science

Dr. M.Y. Kulkarni
M.Sc., Ph.DHead &
Assistant Professor in Zoology

Dr. A. R. Ashturkar
M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.DAssistant Professor in Environmental Science
Dr. B. D. Waghmare
M.Sc., Ph.D., NET
Assistant Professor in Zoology

Miss. J.R. Shiurkar
M.Sc., B.Ed.
Assistant Professor in Environmental Science

Mr. U.S. Kalyankar
B.Sc., M.A
Lab Attendant

Mr. S.P. Paralkar
Lab Attendant

Lab Attendant

Scope of  Zoology & Enviromental